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Karen and Andy Family Mediation Scenario

Family mediation is being popularized by many couples that have problems with their relationships.

It’s not doubting because family mediation is considered as the best option that you can use to solve couple’s issues in a shortest and thriftiest terms.

Whether your problem is all about child visitation, relationship or financial aspect, family mediation companies are willing and ready to help you.

It is widely different from filing a case to the court, working with a family mediation company is less expensive, less stressful, more child-centered, more flexible, more confidential, more peaceful and faster.

Aside from all of that, confrontations and arguing is not a part of family mediation anymore. Through the previous years of serving a wider range of couple and lots of several problems, the story of Andy and Karen is one of the stories that was helped by Trusted family mediation Service Flackwell Heath.

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helps couples work out their problems

The Problem

Andy and Karen is a couple that was not yet married. Two years ago, they had a child. The problem is that Andy, as the father of the child never paid any amount for the maintenance of the needs of the child. He never gave any support to Karen on raising the needs and wants of their child.

Why Mediation?

As decided by Karen, he wanted to demonstrate a high cost of the amount on raising their child all by herself to Andy. But she didn’t have any chance to have a short talk with him in regards to her decision. The family mediation will help both of the party to explain their thoughts and opinions. While Andy will have the chance to speak out his feelings, Karen will be able to get the right support from Andy to the needs and maintenance of their child.

Through the help of family mediation, there will have a fair conversation. The most important matter is that the solution to the problem of Andy and Karen is reliable. And family mediation is also considered as a win-win solution.

How Was It Resolved?

All the family problems that every couple in this world experienced must be addressed without the presence of violence. And the family mediation can be your best solution to solving your problems. With the help of family mediation, both of the party will express their opinions freely and will give you a good outcome in the shortest term.

In the story case if Andy and Karen, the girl brought a detailed spreadsheet of the monthly costs about their child’s financial needs.

How Did It Work?

In the eyes of many people, Andy is a type of irresponsible father for not giving the right financial support to his child. He is afraid of his responsibilities with his child and is afraid to commit himself with Karen, the mother of his child. At last, Andy confessed to taking another lower paid job. After lots of discussions, he confessed that he was struggling to pay all his bills. That is the reason why he is not able to give a full financial support to his child.